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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alaska 2

We stayed at another amazing place that I would highly recommend if you are ever in Alaska. It's the Log Cabin Wilderness Lodge, Mentasta just out of Tok. Our hosts were Jill and John. John was out of town, so Jill had her daughter helping her out. Brent stays with them when he is working and although it was only about half an hour from his friend Pauls, he really wanted us to check the place out.

The Lodge!
John did a two day log house building course, then went out and built the main log cabin/house. They are also in an unincorporated area so do what they want. It is huge and amazing. There were already about four smaller cabins on the property when they bought it, so they moved them down along the streamline. The main house is the center of attention where they serve dinner and breakfast, and have the internet. All the furniture is log cabin style, big and chunky. Then they built two more medium cabins just as you enter the property. The attention to detail is phenomenal from the furniture and decorations right down to mugs with the log cabin logo on.

Jill and John have also installed eco showers and toilets, which I had never seen before. For the toilets, you push the pedal to half fill the bowl with water and then depress it again when you have finished to empty the bowl. The downside is that they are noisy, being so efficient with water use is the upside.

There is also a track down to the most wonderful arctic greyling fishing spot. Bradley is our fisherman for this trip, he caught several and we decided one was perfect for eating. Brent lit the barbeque the next morning and cooked the fish up to share at breakfast.

Both Bradley and Reagan had fun on the zip line, there was one going across the stream and another coming back. Brent even joined them and had fun too. The dog was named Denali. Reagan has been looking for a stray that might be able to fit in our car to take home, we wondered if Denali might be the one. The name should have been a give away being the biggest mountain in North America (I think). Well Denali the dog is surely the biggest, meaning tallest dog we have seen, he had really really long legs and stood at least waist high. I forget what breed he is. Anyway he wasn't going to fit in the car unless we left both kids behind.

There were about 15 of us in all. The meals were delicious – chicken pot pie with salad and fruit coated in whipped cream for dinner, then cheesecake and sour cherries for desert. For breakfast we had delicious greyling, boiled eggs, yoghurt, home made granola, caribou sausages, a fresh fruit platter and the most delicious rhubarb muffins. We were even given muffins to take with us on our trip, I was very happy.


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