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Thursday, May 26, 2011

First time

So welcome, thanks for stopping by!

Well there is a first time for everything. This is my first blog and I am excited, a little unknowing of what will happen and where it will go, that's life though, part of the adventure.

Where did my journey into painting begin?

I had no intention of being a painter. While I was teaching Geography and Science at Rotorua Girls High School in New Zealand I fancied doing an art class. The art teacher at the time said that I was welcome to participate in her painting class. What did I find out? That it was hard and that I had no talent for painting.

Each member of the class was handed a copy of a painting to reproduce. I remember looking at an artwork by Georgia O"Keeffe, and thinking "I can do that!" The result was a resounding "Actually it is way harder than I thought. In fact I can't do it."

So fast forward a few years to one husband, two children later and having returned from four fantastic years of living in Tasmania, Australia. We were living back in the Land of the Long White Cloud (aka New Zealand) and built a house.

As all the building action settled down and life was settling into a routine, I was invited to join a painting class. Actually I was talked into it by Teresa Rosanowski, no pressure, no expectation. What I went to painting class to do was to socialise, you know, meet a few new people, have some fun. The actual painting was low on the list, in fact I was certain it was not for me.

The reality was I loved it. I discovered a palette knife, lots of colour, a creative outlet that I had not accessed since our time in Devonport, Tasmania where I had attended a fantastic creative craft group called Chat and Choose at the Baptist Church.

I soon discovered figurative painting, with live models and that was that. I was hooked and there was no going back!

Here are a couple of paintings I really enjoyed creating; the Dancer and a Kiss


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