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Monday, September 12, 2011

Rain rain, go away!

There has been so much rain that the river is muddy coloured and despite our best efforts, the little side pond we have discovered was also brown, leaving us unable to discern which fish we would like to try and catch. Bradley is not interested in pulling in anything but a keeper, whereas Reagan just loves the thrill of hooking a big one and hauling it in, while the fish puts up a mean fight. It sure gets her squealing. She even had the cheek to tell Bradley he better get in the water to net that really difficult fish that just had other ideas about coming in. Of course he was quick to swat that idea away and let her know all about it. It sure is fun watching and listening to them, I am also very pleased at how capable they are taking care of fishing business.

We had a real lark late this afternoon. We have brought 2 bikes with us, which is fine except when we three decided to go collecting cranberries. So we doubled up, Reagan riding on the handle bars. Nice quiet country roads and lots of laughing from all of us. Bradley was keen to be doubled too, not sure how I would have handled that though. We quickly found a good patch of cranberries and I set about collecting while my two larked about squishing berries and laughing about the results – Bradley got a surprise cranberry face wash.

High bush cranberries

So now we have blueberry jam, raspberry jam, raspberry juice and now cranberries. We sure are spoilt, although I'm not sure how we would store much more.

Melon berries, good for fillers

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