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Thursday, November 3, 2011

All in a day

"Just to let you know" (that is one of my daughters favourite sayings), we have been buying New Zealand apples over here. Gala apples at $1.99lb ($4 a kg) from Fred Myer's in Wasilla, and Braeburn apples at $1.69lb (approx $3.70kg), from Cubbys at Talkeetna. We are at the very end of the road here and I didn't think it was too bad considering. NZ apples are comforting for some reason.

Stopped in at the kids fishing derby on the way home. Would have signed my darlings up except we didn't have the right amount of cash on us and they had no zip zap machine. It's a humpy derby, so have grown a great hump on their back after spawning and are going to die. Will see what happens tomorrow when we have to get up early. I presently have one that is willing and one golden haired child who would just like to hang out and go to the library. Actually being Sunday I think it will be closed, so that decision is made. Reagan and I will make our own fun. Probably try directing her brother at some stage, unsuccessfully of course since he's a boy with a mind of his own.

Watched a delightful programme on the box tonight, Black Grace dance company. Originating in Porirua, Auckland. Pretty cool contemporary mix of NZ cultures, mostly Samoan. They put on a good show. Wonderful to see the work and effort that goes into a show, and wonderful to see them rise to the top of their genre.

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