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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Did you know?

The other two participants from my first live model painting class refused to paint with me the next time around. They showed their disapproval first by letting the guy who hosted us at his studio know, and secondly by not showing up.

Initially I was crestfallen, was I that bad? I had brought my finished paintings along to show and when I looked at them I thought, do they measure up? Are they worthy? Then I thought get a grip, my work is different to what they produce, there is nothing wrong with it, I held my own and should be proud.  Then my true nature shone through and I thought buggar them, I'll show them who is a good painter!

They always say pride comes before a fall!

So for this next session my dear friend Ingrid graciously modelled for us, she is gorgeous, curvaceous, oozes personality, has luscious long curly blonde hair. Another friend - Kathy who is also a painter, accompanied me.

So we are all set, a day of sketching and painting ahead of us .... my mission is to produce a fabulous painting or two. You know, just roll them off the end of the brush, easy as.

Except I suffered my first bout of painters block. It did not matter what I did, none of my sketches looked right. I had worked myself up into such a stew by first of all wanting to prove that I am a good painter, and then the pressure of my friend, a beautiful friend who is modelling for me. I want so badly to do a good painting for her.

It was hopeless, I was hopeless. Great expectations came crashing down around my ears, and no one put pressure on me, except me.

In the end I compromised to make myself calm down. Focus on something, a detail, just one part of the whole. So I painted her hand. Now I know that may seem a curious thing to focus on, however it allowed me to shut everything else out of my mind and concentrate. So although I was embarrassed at my inability, Ingrids arm was gorgeous. In fact it may have been a little insightful of me, not long afterwards, she broke it. I would have to check with her to be certain, I think it was that left arm I painted.

One thing I have learned, do these frustrating moments ever disappear for ever? No, that is the challenge. Putting yourself into a certain state of mind that allows your brain to paint/create from the creative Right side of the brain.

Here are a few more from my painting journey, enjoy. Desray

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