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Friday, June 10, 2011

Corvallis, Oregon here we come

So long story short, we win greencards on the internet and are soon winging our way to the USA. How exciting, nerve wracking and unknown.

I'd been here on holiday before and had a fabulous time. We all know though that having a holiday and living in a place are seriously different things.

So, in lieu of a few clothing items, I will pack my paint brushes and paints. You know, just in case!

I must say it took some time to begin painting. Nothing for the first few months, it was all a little overwhelming! Everything was a challenge, from being understood - despite the fact we were all speaking English, to driving to grocery shopping. The houses were all the same, lots of one way streets so we ended up going in circles a lot, and then my asthma returned with a vengeance - did you know we arrived in the grass seed capital of the world! Ugh, took some getting used to.

I know for our two children it was quite traumatic. The crunch coming a day or two after our arrival in Corvallis when our son had had enough and asked us to buy him a ticket home, from Auckland he would skateboard down to Nanny and Da's and stay with them.

Thankfully we are now all settled and happy with our surrounds. In fact, Corvallis has been somewhat of a lucky starting point in our American adventure.

 Sonme of the local landmarks - The barn on Bald Hill
The Corvallis Art Centre

                             This is the Oregon State University covered bridge

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