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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Selling my artwork

One morning in my Tuesday art critique group at the Old Worlde Deli I am asked if I would like to hang my paintings in the Senior Center in Corvallis. I am chuffed, how lovely. So in I troop with my darling husband and we hang about 10 paintings. This is my first public display of several of my paintings, all at one time, in the USA. I feel proud.

What makes me feel even better is one afternoon when I get a phone call and someone would like to buy one of my paintings. It is a small series of houses, four in all, they are each painted in a different season. I am ecstatic! My first sale to some complete stranger! That is very important that they do not know me and means a lot to me.

I am now a member of the Corvallis Art Guild. There are several venues around town that have new artist hanging their paintings each month. I decide to just do it, forget about thinking it all over and tossing and turning about the whole thing. Just do it.

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