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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm on a roll

Calm Surrender,
 the first stylised figurative painting I sold
 Ok, so things are going wonderfully. This is what I want to do. Sell my paintings. I am excited. First one painting hanging at the Senior Center in Corvallis is sold. The following month I sell a painting from my etsy account - The following month, the next painting I sell is one that is also hanging in town at a retirement village. I am pumped, 3 paintings in 3 months! I am on a roll.........

Well that's what I was looking forward to, however that is where it all came to a grinding halt.

So what was I doing right when they were selling? What am I presently not doing that I should be?

Well two sold to mature customers who more than likely have more disposable income. The third was a buyer who chose to buy anonymously, and although invited to, gave no information.

What subject matter sold? The first was more along the line of folk art, a series of four houses each portraying a different season. The second was a stylised figurative painting. The third was another set of three houses each painted blue, with postive affirmations on each.

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