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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What am I trying to achieve?

So here is the question. What is it that I want to achieve with my painting?

Now please realise that this is what is going on in my head. I have not talked to any artists about it - I'm kind of whakama about it, that means shy. So I make it up as I go along. First of all I think, well I want to be famous. Why famous? Because famous people sell their paintings.

Stairway to Heaven, based on the last supper with koru(spirals) and poutama
at the top and bottom to represent the stairway.

Then I think well if I want to be famous I should make a name for myself. How am I going to do that? Ok, I'll enter art competitions and exhibitions. So I enter and get into a number, it is exciting. It also costs a fair bit of money to enter. Anything from $25 + a time. Once you are accepted you have to parcel up your paintings and post them (more $$$). Then you have to pay for them to be returned to you if they don't sell. All up, it is a costly business.

Sea swirl, the first painting I create
that is accepted to an exhibition.
 My first painting was accepted into an exhibition in Independence, Oregon followed by another 5 paintings that went to Florida, Omaha Nebraska, and even in Corvallis, Oregon. I am excited and thrilled by it all. The bonus - I am recognised, with an honorable mention and special recognition merit award. Life is good and I am high on it all.

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