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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Second day fishing and Reagan was determined to have a go too. She had been complaining to me that she wasn't even allowed to hold the line let alone the net! Our girl got hold of that rod the next morning and boy she wasn't going to let go of it, even when she did hook a tree and the small branch had to be cut so that we could get our lure out.

Well talk about squeal. She hooked the grandaddy of all salmon, he must have been about 20 pounds and was a real fighter. It was fun to watch her, of course she was busy issuing orders at the same time to Bradley who was working the net. Reagan was very disappointed when we had her put him back. She was very keen on eating him, however once they are coloured like that one was, they have spawned and don't taste pleasant at all. We weren't willing to indulge her on this request.

Can you make out all the salmon in there? There is no substitute for polarised glasses!
Since we could actually see all the fish in this pool, Bradley was more picky about which one he would take, aiming for a nice sized, silver salmon. He hooked a nice five pound pink, full of eggs. We have kept some and will ask what people do with them. Otherwise they will go out.

Have also made another discovery – Alaskans use jars to drink out of. The family we stayed with used them, even at the swanky lodge they used them. Like agee jars, they are perfectly fine for drinking out of too. Here in our cabin they have glasses. I asked my family why that might be. The answer, the owners are from Michigan, they're not Alaskan.

The entire family are enjoying themselves. I am kept busy on the end of the camera and collecting berries, I've made some very tasty raspberry jam from the ones I collected. Brent is busy advising, organising and directing. Both children are the only fishers in the family and they are hooked. What fun, so far the verdict is that we'd be happy coming back here each summer.

We have brownie in the oven and then we are off to explore Big Lake and stop by Brent's work. Our fish is ready for dinner tonight, can't wait. Picked wild blueberries along the road side. I am in heaven. Raspberries, blueberries, what's next?

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