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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Willow Cabin

The cabin here in Willow is perfectly respectable. One large bedroom upstairs and the living area, kitchen and bathroom downstairs. They aren't nearly as flash as the two we previously stayed in, however they are perfectly livable.

Across the drive from us the owners run a RV campground. Not many staying there though, it's ok, just not as picturesque as other overnight spots. We are well away from them, with three identical cabins all around the same size as ours. The owners live in one and rent the other two out. We are on the outside.

Now to catch some very very large fish. We have arrived at the perfect fishing destination and spot. Next stop - the river! Apparently the sun must follow us. They have had a lot of light rain up until now, it has been light, but sufficient to dirty up the rivers.

First day fishing was at the Willow Park further down the road from us, hundreds of people – well it seemed like it. There were several large salmon that were pulled in. It was fun watching although we did tire of waiting for our turn.

I said hi to a couple of woman who were walking down near me and asked if they knew what the berries we were walking beside were. Being native Alaskans, they were happy to share. I loved it, tasting high bush cranberries and watermelon berries. Must say the cranberries were rather sour. These ladies also told me that rose hips were high in vitamin C, so very popular. Lucia had given Brent rose hip fruit leather, he had a cold and rose hips are some of the highest vitamin C you can get. These ladies further confirmed it. One of them was diabetic and she dehydrated and powder her rose hips to use as a tea.

Next stop Willow creek, just down from our cabin. You walk for about 5 minutes across the railway track and down the bank. Trains give you plenty of notice that they are coming, plus they toot their horn before they get to the track. We are perfectly safe.
Fishing below the train track

 You should see them, there must have been at least 50 salmon of different varieties in this one pool off to the side of the river. It was quite an incredible sight. Anyway, they are in different stages of spawning. The ones we are after are the pink and also the silver salmon. Bradley hooked a 20 pound pink that was all coloured up, so that went back.
There were loads of salmon in this little side pool

It was getting late and I had a loaf of bread in the oven, so returned home earlier than the others. I was just over the railroad track and heard a shot, like a gun shot. Thought shoot, there must have been a bear and they let the bear popper off. So I stopped and waited and listened. Nothing else, no squeals, no shouting. I continued on. About ¾ of an hour later they returned. Was it you guys who let off the shot? What shot? Don't know what you're talking about. We were talking to the owner that morning and he said that in the two years he had been here he hadn't even seen a bear. So it wasn't even my family, the sound must have travelled from up river somewhere.

When we left the pool there was one less salmon in there, Bradley kept a beautiful 5 pound pink, in good condition and especially tasty to eat. That was our breakfast for the next morning.

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