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Monday, October 31, 2011

Blueberries and bogberries!

I have discovered that the blueberries we have been picking are called Bog Blueberry which are found in bogs, woodlands and wet and dry tundra. We have been picking in wet tundra. It is such a lovely feeling out on the tundra. There is all this spongy moss underfoot and you kind of try to step from one mound to another, often sinking yet never hitting anything solid. There are gentle river lets of water in the low lying areas, so getting wet feet is just part of the experience. I love the feeling, almost like walking on a trampoline. When you look around, everything except the scattered spindly spruce trees is low lying. Then you spot these dark blue oval, juicy and tart fruit. If you are lucky the little bush will be loaded and you can just place your container under and run your fingers through the foliage to dislodge them. I like that feeling too. Otherwise it is individual picking, and then the fruit is larger. The fruit makes great jam and tasty pancakes, it's the blueberry bar that is truly delightful.
This recipe that I got off can be used for other fruit too;
  1. Mix ¾ cup cugar, 2 cups flour, tsp baking powder
  2. rub in ¾ cup butter to resemble crumbs
  3. Add 1 beaten egg and mix well (use 2 eggs if they're small)
  4. sprinkle have of the crumbed mixture in the bottom of a baking tin. Pack down solid.
  5. Spread with 2 cups cranberry sauce or blueberry (add sugar if tart) and crumble remaining mix over top.
  6. Bake 40 minutes at 350 F until top is golden. Cool then slice

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