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Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh no!

The children and I will come up with a plan of action for the next couple of days. One of which will involve shooting down to our favourite fishing spot since we've had clear weather for the last couple of days it's given it a chance for the water to clear up a bit. I'll also go in and get a local newspaper today just in case something interesting is happening around here. Would like to head for Anchorage on an overnighter and Fairbanks at some stage. Fairbanks is quite a haul, so will plan that one, perhaps for when Brent is away again.

The weather is overcast, yet dry. River was clear, loads of fish, getting the right one to take our line was a little trickier. We returned home empty handed. However there was plenty of fun and games.

Today was Reagan's day for whoopsies. First of all she put the lucky Canadian quarter (which was a celebration of children quarter) that she had been given by a lady in the bank at Whistler, on the rail track, instead of a normal US quarter. That is now a flattened piece of metal which you can still slightly discern the pattern, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head just right. Of course she only realised once it was over and done with, declaring I should have known that the US coin doesn't have the Queen of England on it, OH NO! Then she hooked the rocks and we had to struggle to get our jig back. After which she was quite illegal, and despite both Bradley and I yelling “NO, Don't!” She did.

coin imprint - not the lucky one!

You see, the problem is, there are so many fish in the water, when you are very young you feel like you might just like to scoop one up with your net. For no particular reason other than to say yes, it is possible. Well she was on net duty, and went oooooooh, look, I could just scoop one up. This is the part where we yell. But it was too late, she did. Scooped up the biggest ugliest spawned out looking thing you might imagine, with a jaw on it, that, well Bradley described it as having teeth that resembled a starfish. Of course it opened its mouth and got entangled in the net when she was trying to release it. If you had sound you would hear a lot of squealing, fish flapping about and children yelling while this is happening. Bradley had to use the pliers to unhook the net from the poor thing. It took a moment before it was off again. We headed home after that.

Some of the treasures we found.

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