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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Identity crisis

Arrived back in the USA to cold weather, truck loads of walnuts and leaves on the ground. One day we were on top of the situation, the next it looks like a magical carpet of yellow leaves - there are at least a dozen trees around the house, let your imagination wander!
Since mum passed away I have been thinking about lots of things. When I sat in the Art Center doing my share of being artist on site, I looked around and thought well, my paintings just kind of merge in with everyone elses. Hmmm. I'm so different to everyone here, why am I doing artwork that is similar to theirs? Doing similar stuff is not going to make me stand out. So there you go, sometimes it takes a momentos moment for changes to come about.
So my action plan involves lots of sketching and painting. Here are some of the results so far;
have a closer look at

Wave rider
a set of three 4x4inch canvases
displayed on recycled wood
see more at


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