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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The things children remember us saying!

Isn't it funny what children remember? The other night my daughter was dragging the chain. It was past her bedtime and she was supposed to be in her pj's, with teeth brushed and in bed. What I heard was my daughter singing at the top of the stairs, what I saw was her dancing while watching her shadow on the wall. What I said was "I do not want to see you dancing or hear you singing. In fact I do not want to see you unless you are in bed."

The next morning I go in and give her a kiss, she pushes me away and says, "why are you here, you don't want to see me." I assured her I did want to see her, that is what mums love, now lets get up and cracking. "BUT last night you said you didn't want to see me!" "Actually what I said was I didn't want to see your cute self dancing and singing at the top of the stairs when it is bed time." That brought a grin to her face. "Do you know that I come in and kiss you each night whether you are awake or asleep?" "Really?" "Really." With that she was up, happy and off to school.

I later thought, isn't it funny what part of a sentence children remember. A wise friend once told me that we are used to being raised with the negativeas in "don't fall off the chair", "you'll get hurt doing that", and that is how we express things. What I might say next time is …. I want to see you in bed, now! Short and too the point, unmistakeable really. Well I suppose it all depends what one hears and remembers.
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